Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Difference

I found the presidential debate the other night very interesting, although not too informative. Both McCain and Obama mostly reiterated their previously stated positions on the various topics of the debate. They both spoke quite well but with very little passion. What struck me most was how little difference there is in their positions on the issues. Of course they used different words to answer the questions but when all the rhetoric is put aside they both said about the same thing. It comes down to a matter of personal style. Does one prefer a president who is a self-described maverick or one who seems to be calm, cool, and collected in a crisis? So, take your choice on election day. They both will respond to the problems of the presidency with quite similar actions.

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I Opine for Fun said...

Yup. Very disappointing. It's making me consider third party candidates. I'm particularly disturbed by the lack of significant difference in the area of foreign policy.