Friday, January 9, 2009

Think First, Then Speak

Democratic leaders in the Senate are busy eating humble pie in the case of Senate appointee Roland Burris from Illinois. When Burris was appointed by the morally challenged governor Blagojevich, Majority Leader Reid and others howled in outrage, claiming they would never vote to seat him. They should have given it a bit of thought before making such a pronouncement. Outrage is wonderful and all that, but it is not a basis for decision making.

Burris’ appointment was strictly within the law and there is no legal basis for the refusal to seat him in the Senate. According to the Constitution, Article 1, Section 5, the Senate has the right to determine if one of its members is qualified to serve in that body. However, it cannot make this determination on the basis of arbitrary or capricious reasons. Burris is qualified so they must allow him to take his place in that venerable body. Next time Reid and company should think before they speak.

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