Sunday, July 19, 2009

He’s Got Your Wallet

Political conservatives are screaming in rage these days over the spendthrift ways of the federal government. Led by spender in chief Barack Obama, the feds seem determined to throw money at every problem, real or imaginary, that comes to their attention. The response to such a situation is best illustrated by a cartoon which appeared in the media recently. It shows a caricature of President Obama with a huge smile skipping along taking money from a wallet and throwing it all over the place. A guy in the cartoon is thrilled saying, “ Look, he is giving us money just like he promised.” The guy’s companion has a concerned look on her face as she responds, “He’s got your wallet!”

From my perspective, the cartoonist has it right. All the money Obama is proposing to spend comes from your wallet. When Congress votes an appropriation, it comes from your wallet. When the air force requests a 350 million fighter plane, it has your wallet. When our congressman announces with pride that he is bringing federal money home to pay for a favorite project, he’s got your wallet. When George Bush gave each of us a $600 tax rebate, he got it from your wallet. All the wonderful things the government does for us comes from your wallet.

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