Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ultimate Result of Hate Speech

Seldom in the history of the United States has public discourse been filled with so much hate speech. What is worrisome to me is that much of the hateful rhetoric is aimed at President Barack Obama. He has been referred to as evil, an illegal alien, a Nazi and even worse. Then we hear that at one public town hall meeting the President conducted, armed people were allowed to be near the event. One was even carrying an assault rifle.

From my perspective, such a confluence of events - hyped up hate and firearms - is a recipe for disaster. How soon will it be before some neurotic wing nut decides to rid America of the “Great Satan.” Here is my prediction: before the 2010 election there will be a major attempt on the President’s life. It is no doubt already in the planning stages.

Murder is the ultimate result of hate speech. Let those who spread hate consider the power of their words.

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