Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rush In A Rant

It seems that the whole country has gone berserk over the recent incident on the Northwest flight into Detroit on Christmas day. For those who are hibernating on the mountaintop, a young Nigerian attempted to light an explosive on the plane. Fortunately, some passengers noticed what he was doing and put a stop to his evil plan.

Now everybody is trying to figure out what to do protect us and make us totally secure in this country. Rush Limbaugh, in his characteristically angry style, has suggested that all Muslims be required to go through a separate checkout line. He doesn't explain how we will identify all Muslims. Maybe they should be required to wear green armbands, or have a large M tattooed into their forheads.

The unfortunate part about Rush's rant is that so many people actually believe that his anger is good thinking. From my perspective, we may have more to worry about from that crowd than the few radical Muslims that might slip through our grasp.

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