Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conservative Response to Earthquake in Haiti

Just a few days ago the island nation of Haiti was devastated by an earthquake. Thousands of buildings collapsed; tens of thousands of people are dead. America responded as usual to these kinds of tragedies by immediately rushing to help the beleaguered people of the impoverished nation. President Obama made a public call for Americans to contribute much-needed money to the relief effort. Americans are a generous people and will rise to this occasion as needed.

However, all is not well in our fair Republic, for none other than conservative leader and radio personality Rush Limbaugh condemned Obama's call for help and implied that people should not contribute. "We have already given through our incomes taxes," he stated. He also implied that any money donated in response to Obama's call would be siphoned off for political use and never get to the needy people of Haiti.

Not to be outdone, conservative Christian leader Pat Robertson made an emphatic statement that the Haitian people had made a "deal with the devil" when they rose up to throw off the shackles of colonial rule. The result has been a history of suffering and devastation.

One wonders how much lower conservative leaders can sink. Now is the time when the Haitian people need words of comfort not condemnation. Do conservatives have any compassion whatsoever? It is far past time for conservative leaders of the Republican Party to disavow the hatred spewed out by these outspoken men on a continual basis. They do no good for the Republican Party nor are they good for America.

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