Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Joke is on Glen

Recently, former Congressman Eric Massa, who resigned his position because of charges of improper behavior with his staff members, was interviewed on the Glenn Beck show. Beck, who is a mainstay of the Fox News network, is well-known for his intense dislike of all things related to the Democratic Party and especially President Obama. Beck pleaded with Massa to reveal some scandal regarding his relationship with the White House. Massa was unable to do so. In fact he repeatedly admitted his own improper behavior. By the end of his program Beck was notably disturbed and apologized for not being able to bring his readers new reasons to hate Obama.

From my perspective, the joke is on Glen Beck. It demonstrates once again the total lack of balance on the Fox network and intellectual dishonesty of Glen Beck, the right wing news broadcaster. Too bad the Republican Party does not have enough courage to repudiate him as a spokesperson for their cause. Unfortunately, many Americans believe everything Beck says to be absolute truth. So, ultimately the joke is on them.

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