Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blame the Democrats

It is all the rage these days to blame President Obama and the Democrats for the monstrous debt that has been accumulated by our government. The fact is that the Republicans had total control of all three branches of the United States government for six full years (2001-2007). During that time we had the largest growth in national debt, increase in the size and intrusiveness of government, and diminishment of constitutional liberties in the entire history of our great Republic. Now, you cannot blame that on the Democrats as they were totally out of political control.

Think of that, all three branches of government under the control of the Republican party and they did the exact opposite of what they claim to stand for. Where was the party of small government and fiscal responsibility during that six-year time frame? What was left of the weak and ineffective Democratic Party meekly went along with whatever the dominant Republicans demanded. If you want to blame the Democrats for anything it is for not standing up to the out-of-control big-spending, big-debt, big-government Republicans.

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