Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama’s Anti-Colonial Worldview

President Obama seems to struggle to maintain public credibility these days. His enemies seem to have the upper hand particularly when it comes to managing the news cycle. The latest accusation against him I find very interesting. None other than Newt Gingrich, himself a potential presidential candidate, has accused him of having a “Kenyan anti-colonial worldview.” Evidently Obama’s father, who was a native of Kenya, had a tremendous influence on him during his first two years of life. I view this as a frivolous charge.

From my perspective, I hope Obama does have an anti-colonial worldview. Anyone who has bothered to read the Declaration of Independence would note that our fair Republic was born in opposition to the colonial power of the British Empire. Newt Gingrich, who is a trained historian, should know this. His doctoral dissertation was a study of colonial power in Africa. Why he has brought this silly accusation against Obama is a mystery to me and should call into question his fitness for the presidency.

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