Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paladino on Gay Pride

New York gubernatorial candidate and Tea Party favorite on the Republican ticket, Carl Paladino, recently stirred up quite a storm with his remarks criticizing his Democratic opponent for attending a gay pride parade. Immediately he was blasted for being anti-gay. However, his subsequent statements have shown that, while he does not support gay marriage in his state, neither does he support discrimination or persecution of homosexual people. However, the media frenzy that followed his first statement seems to obscure the fact that he has a fairly moderate stance on the issue.

From my perspective Paladino has a defensible position on the matter of gay marriage. I have never understood the basis for gay pride. If, as a majority of the gay community insists, sexual preference is something one is born with not an acquired characteristic, what’s to be proud of? Is there any special accomplishment in what you are born with? Why the necessity to publicly flaunt what I consider to be a very private matter? Paladino’s position of opposing gay marriage and at the same time opposing persecution of or discrimination against gay people is well within the mainstream of American thought.

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