Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Photographic Evidence

Good news: Osama bin Laden is no more! In a brilliant maneuver our intelligence community teamed up with the Navy SEALs to kill the evil man and send him to be with his maker. I am sure his maker is not the Creator of this world. It is fascinating that no sooner had the deed been done then conspiracy theorists began to doubt it’s truth. To quiet them down some are demanding that photographic evidence be produced. The news reports indicate that there are indeed photographs and even videotape of bin Laden being killed and buried at sea. So, if they’ve got nothing that hide, why doesn’t the Obama administration produce the evidence?

From my perspective, the United States government should not produce the photographs and make them available for public display. To have on view the gory details of the killing and disposal of the evil man’s body would serve no useful purpose. And, it certainly would not convince those who gravitate naturally towards conspiracy theories. They will find a hundred reasons why the photographic evidence is not convincing and is probably even part of a fraud. Hopefully President Obama will stick to his resolve not to publicly display the photographic evidence of bin Laden’s demise.

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