Friday, September 26, 2008

Blank Check

President Bush has announced a national emergency because of the financial mess caused by the big banks and has asked Congress to give him a blank check to deal with the problem. Sound familiar? It is the same strategy he used after September 11 to get us involved in the Iraq war fiasco. And Congress gave him what he asked for in that instance. Even though the Democrats were again ready to cave in to his demands so they would not be blamed for the problem, a few wise conservative Republicans said "No Thank You." Having been burned once they were smart enough not to get burned again, for which all Americans should be thankful.

Why should ordinary taxpayers pay for the sins of the elite New York bankers? Certainly the smart guys who run America’s business can find a solution to this problem that doesn’t turn our country into a welfare state for the greedy.

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I Opine for Fun said...

I know! Don't you love how Bush's strategy is the same every time - urgency, fear, give me total power. Not only Iraq, but he's trying the same scenario to get into Iran. And now this scandal. Finally someone is saying no. The pure audacity to ask for $700b with no oversight and no recourse!